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U.G. on Astrology

U.G. says: “There’s nothing to Astrology and Palmistry.  The planets do affect us on a physical level just the way we affect them, however microscopic that effect may be.  But in no way do they control, shape, modify or alter the course of the events of our lives.  As yet there’s no way we can measure our effect on the planets, but ‘ere long we’ll surely be able to, with the help of technology.”

U.G. does not accept the translation of the effect of the planets on us in terms of some value.  He says: “There is no such thing as future.  The future is only a modified continuity of the past.  We do not need anybody to tell us anything about our past, and the predictions of the future are not always one hundred percent accurate.  Man is the architect of his own fortune and moulder of his own destiny.  That is why I say that the predictive part of Astrology doesn’t hold any water, as far as I am concerned.”

Then why does U.G. indulge time and again in Astrological sessions with varieties of Nadi Readers, Astrologers and Palmists?  U.G. answers with a bemused smile, “It’s just an entertainment for me and for them it is a means of earning their livelihood.”  And why would he allow the readings to be put on a web site?  “I have no say in these matters.  It is up to those who are responsible for the web pages to decide.”

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